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Do you dream of having your own orchard? Most fruit trees need a pollinator tree in order to produce fruit, so for greater success, plant fruit trees in pairs! Come on in and we'll tell you what pollinator your fruit tree needs! Don't forget that the plants you are taking home to put into your garden or flower beds are used to being in a greenhouse, where it's much more humid than it is outside. When they go suddenly from the humid greenhouse to the dry outside air, they can wilt and look sick, which is called 'shock'. You can prevent this, and increase your chances of gardening success, by putting your plants outside in the shade during the day and taking them at night for a couple of days. Then, they are 'hardened off and excited to grow. Also, using Ferti-Lome Root Stimulator before planting helps prevent shock and gives them a real jump start. We use Root Stimulator on everything we plant here at the greenhouse.